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A version for DIY enthusiasts

Whether it's for practical or economic reasons, do you want to electrify your Petit Porteur yourself?

The Petit Porteur EBR (E-Bike Ready) is the version you need.

This is a complete Petit Porteur WITHOUT the motorization part (no motor, no battery, no chain). You can thus install the motor of your choice yourself without paying for the components that you would have dismantled by purchasing a complete Mechanical Petit Porteur.

For more safety and comfort, the Longtail comes equipped with:

  • Schwalbe Pick Up 2.35" cargobike specific tires offering both comfort, excellent grip, and top-level puncture resistance
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Microshift Advent Super Short 9 speeds drivetrain, specificaly designed for small wheels
  • 65mm wide SKS Bluemels mudguards
  • A wide mud flap to protect against splashes
  • KMC e9 Turbo EPT chain, specially reinforced for pedal-assist motors
  • FSA Orbit headset
  • double kickstand with a foot lever to assist in parking

Important note:

To complete the assembly of your bike, you will need to obtain:

  • A Mid motor (for example, TongSheng TSDZ2B or Bafang BBS01). We recommend a 46-tooth chainring.
  • A battery
  • A chain

Given the geometry of the frame, not all batteries on the market are necessarily compatible. The maximum height of the battery pack should be less than approximately 115mm.

Here is an example of the maximum compatible sizes:


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