MicroShift Advent Super Short DriveTrain


No bla-bla, just a well-designed and solid drivetrain, that's all we love at Le Petit Porteur.

Drivetrain with super short cage developed specifically for 20" wheels.

Only this drivetrain allows the installation of a double stand on Le Petit Porteur from version 5.

Complete drivetrain consisting of:

  • Derailleur 9V Advent Super Short Cage RD-M6195S
  • Shifter 9V Advent Quick Trigger Pro avec Indicateur SL-M6295-R
  • Cassette 9V Advent 11-38T

Components also available individually.


ADVENT delivers everything you expect from a modern drivetrain, all in a simple 9 speed system that can stand up to the toughest conditions. Some drivetrains are designed to impress your friends – ADVENT is designed to survive.

"Designed to Survive" is the motto of the Advent range. When you have the derailleur in hand, you understand why ;-) It's massive, sturdy and stiff steel construction.

Initially designed for children's hands, the shifter buttons have a reduced stroke, which is very comfortable to use.

The shifter only allows upshifts and downshifts one at a time, thus guaranteeing very high precision when changing gears.

The Super Short version of the acclaimed ADVENT derailleur has all the same features as its larger counterpart, but with a small enough cage to fit on a 20″ wheeled bike.

Dérailleur Microshift Advent Super Short

The derailleur clutch and return spring tension have been fine-tuned to compensate for the smaller cage and lighter chain, allowing the derailleur to deliver quick, precise shifts with a light feel.

The full metal body is damage resistant and provides extra rigidity, delivering high performance in a small package. Only compatible with ADVENT shifting

Cassette Microshift Advent 11-38T

Designed specifically for the ADVENT Super Short chainring derailleur, this 9-speed 11-38z cassette provides a wide range and low gears for bikes with smaller wheels.

It is made with the same precision and durability as the cartridges from a wider range. And yes, it works with a standard HG nut and 9-speed chain.

Material: Steel

Range of pinions: 11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32-38

Shifter Microshift Advent

Short reach triggers for easy operation

Rubber lever pad for grip and comfort

Clear and easy to read indicator

Compatible with ADVENT derailleurs only


Microshift Advent Derailleur

Microshift Advent Derailleur

Download (3.54M)

Adjusting Clutch Tension Manual

Adjusting Clutch Tension Manual

Download (1.45M)