Le Petit Porteur Shorty

More accessible, more compact, more rigid

Here in a few words are the differences with the Original version of the Petit Porter.

More accessible:

Removing the horizontal bar means you have to lift your leg a little higher to straddle the bike.

The shorter seat post tube allows the saddle to be lowered up to 75 cm from the ground (85 cm for the Original version)

Given the size of the frame, we do not recommend this model for people over 1m80.

More compact:

The Shorty's frame is 5cm shorter, bringing the total length to 1m62, including the front rack.

This compact version makes the bike even more agile.

More rigid:

The unique frame structure results in a frame with exceptional rigidity. The result is that even loaded like a mule, the bike maintains its ease of handling.

Note on frame geometry:

Given the large width of the frame (14 cm), people who pedal with their legs together may be bothered by calves rubbing on the diagonal bars.