• Antivol de cadre Abus 4960 LH NKR

Abus TECTIC 4960 LH NKR with 6KS/85 chain


The ABUS TECTIC™ 4960 LH NKR Frame Lock is quick and easy to use and offers good protection against low risk of theft.

This version we selected allows taking the key out of the cylinder when the lock is open.

This pack contains the 6KS chain

The bike lock offers good protection against low risk of theft and is classified as a security level 7 lock. The shackle, the housing and the structural parts of the TECTIC™ 4960 Frame Lock's locking mechanism are manufactured from specially hardened steel.

To keep your bike even more secure against theft, we recommend the use of a second lock in the form of a U-lock or chain lock.



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