All-purpose Rubber tie-down Simple Strap


SIMPLE STRAP™ is a versatile rubber strap. It's the fastest and easiest way to attach just about anything to your bike.

Forget the good old inner tube used as a strap.

Simple Strap is much more elastic and hook-and-loop. No need to tie complicated knots.

Simple Strap will fit any cargo bike. Whether you ride a Petit Porteur, Bullitt or Omnium, this is THE strap that can replace all your other straps.

Make a 1st dead turn on itself to attach it, then wrap the strap on what you want to attach. Finally, pass the end of the strap on the last turn. That's all.


Sangle pour vélo cargo Simple Strap

Simple Strap is undoubtedly the best strap for securing anything on a cargo bike.

Simple Strap offers numerous advantages:

  • No metal parts like traditional straps. No oxidation, no jammed closures, no risk of damaging your cargo with a rubbing metal piece.
  • The rubber grips onto itself, eliminating the need for complicated knots to attach the strap to the bike.
  • High elasticity that provides excellent load retention.
  • Wide strap to avoid damaging fragile items such as cardboard boxes.
  • Secure hold thanks to the non-slip rubber that prevents sliding on the cargo.

Sangle pour vélo cargo Simple Strap

Step 1

Take a first dead turn.

Make sure the strap covers the first turn.

Sangle Simple Strap

Step 2

Roll over several turns.

Make at least 3 turns to ensure the best fixation.

Sangle Simple Strap

Step 3

Pass the end of the strap under the last turn.

You can make a small key with the last strand to ensure the best fixation.

Sangle Simple Strap