KMC e9 Turbo EPT Chain
  • KMC e9 Turbo EPT Chain

KMC e9 Turbo EPT Chain


chain specifically designed to withstand the power of mid-motor

Compatible with Shimano and Sram 9 Speed

Chain cut to desired length and delivered with a quick link.

The number of links chosen includes the quick link.

Anti rust EPT treatment:

Every single component of every single link is 100% coated, using the same technology that goes into the making of luxury cars. EPT chains are designed to easily withstand extreme weather conditions, including salt, high humidity, snow- and rain storms.

EPT chains have to pass a 650-hour salt test, resulting in an incredibly rust resistant product. Compared to the average chain, the coating on EPT chains is more than 10 times as durable.

Super resilient against rust and dirt, EPT chains will get you through mountain trails and muddy wetlands like it's nobody’s business. Worried about cleaning up afterwards? EPT chains are so easy to clean, and less cleaning means less maintenance work, too.