A guide to choose a stand ?

The function of a stand is to be able to stabilize the bike in an upright position (keep it upright without falling and without leaning on a wall).

The Petit Porteur being intended to transport stuff, all our kickstands are reinforced models accepting heavy loads.

One leg robust stand

Suitable for everyday use, it will stabilize the bike slightly tilted on the left side.

Its long leg provid good stability to the bike.

Compatible with all types of transmissions.

This stand is offered as standard on Le Petit Porteur.

Béquille simple pieds

Double leg Cargo stand

This stand has the distinction of being particularly strong (Maximum load 60 Kg) and stable due to its very large width when unfolded (39 cm).

It allows the bicycle to be loaded with heavy and / or bulky parcels without the bicycle being likely to tip over. It is also recommended if you must install children in a seat allowing you to keep your 2 arms for your child, instead of having a hand held to keep your bike in balance.

It combines perfectly with the "Comfort" saddle which has a handle at the back which makes it easier to put on a stand even with a heavy load.

This stand is available as an option.

Compatible only with geared hub (Shimano Nexus)

Béquille cargo

Béquille cargo

Heavy duty double side stand

Double stand less robust and less wide than the Cargo stand, but with the advantage of a lateral folding down on the left side, making it compatible with all transmissions.

This stand is available as an option.

Not compatible with a very heavy load (> 30 kg) on ​​the bike.

Béquille double

Béquille double